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"I almost wish i hadn’t gone down that rabbit hole and yet it’s rather curious, you know, this sort of life!"

June 4, 2017


So, the celebration doesn't stop! I'm still out here celebrating my 25th birthday. I went to Disneyland the day of my birthday, then I worked two nights, then I went to dinner with my step-dad, brother and boyfriend on Friday, had dinner with my boyfriend and his family yesterday and earlier today I had a late brunch with my cousins. We went to The Malibu Cafe at Calamigos Ranch and it's a cute venue to just hangout, drink, and take pictures.

Cheers to 25! (If you know me, you know I'm not much of a this is rare.)

I had the Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict.

This drink is called "The Castaway" and it was actually really good.

Okay, so I got a little carried away taking pictures of other peoples' food. Looks tasty, huh? Let's get to what I wore today...

(Sabo Skirt Ribbed Gia Pantsuit, Louis Vuitton Saint Michel, Quay x Desi Sahara Aviators)

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May 30, 2017

Twenty-Five and Alive

(Sabo Skirt Shorts, Sabo Skirt Top, Marc Fischer Rabecca Lace-Up Platform Wedge, Quay x Desi Sahara Aviators)

Wow's been exactly a year since I've posted. So much has changed in my life, it's surreal. Where should I even start?! Last year, I mentioned my accomplishments and becoming a registered nurse blah blah blah. This past year was even more eventful. Not to mention the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced. I feel like this past year went by extremely slow compared to other years.

So as you all read last year, I started my nursing career in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as a full-time staff RN and I'm still there...surviving...barely (lol!). It's pretty gutsy to start off as a brand spankin' new nurse in critical care because it's such a fast-paced, high stress, test-your-critical-thinking, "oh shit! oh my God!" type of environment. I don't regret starting off my career in critical care one bit. I've seen and learned so much this year alone and I'm still learning and I will always be learning new things in this field. Often times, I wanted to quit and just settle for something easier. I even questioned if I still wanted to be a nurse. Around the third month of being on my own in the ICU (off training without a preceptor, just me myself and I), I started to second guess myself and I went into a mild depression. I found myself not wanting to go to work, I would call off for no reason, I would cry before every shift because I had high anxiety. Everyday I cried out of nowhere and I felt so alone. I talked to my parents about it, I talked to Kap about it, and I even talked to my brother about it. I thought talking about how I felt would help...but nothing helped. I prayed to God, I listened to christian music to help me get through it. I tried to keep myself busy by working out and running everyday, but no matter what I did, I ended up feeling anxious. I had anxiety attacks before every shift, but my co-workers would've never known because whenever I got to work, I was completely fine. It was a weird time for me and I was so emotional, but during all that, I learned new things everyday at work. I remember talking to one of my co-workers, Krissie, about being a New Grad RN and I will never forget what she told me. She said, "Yeah, it's scary at first and you feel so unsure about everything, but something magical happens at 6 start to feel comfortable and like, you know what you're doing now." That really stuck with me because you know what? I don't remember how I got out of my depression, it just magically happened right around the 6 month mark of being on my own. I stopped feeling depressed and I started to feel more comfortable at work. So Krissie, if you're reading this...thanks girl! Looking back, I can't believe I went through depression. I learned all about it during nursing school, but I never thought it could happen to me, but it did. So to all you new nurses out there, there's hope! Wait for that "magical" 6 month mark, you'll know what I'm talking about when you get there. Just hang in there!

Anyway, if you've followed me on Twitter for the last seven years, you would know that I used to drive a hoopty (my baby silver Honda Civic ek). Well...I gave it back to my dad because I purchased myself a 2017 Honda Accord (UPGRADE!) and her name is "Damn Gina!" (lol!!) And I used to live at the beach with my step dad, but now...ya girl moved in with Kap and we have our very own apartment now. See, so much has happened this past year and life is only gonna get better. I've grown so so much this year alone. Let's see what the future holds for me. I'm twenty-five and alive and I'm blessed with the best! Stay curious for more posts...I'm a little rusty on blog shoots, but I will definitely try to blog more this year I promise! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to keep up with me on a daily's @CURIOUSERLIA across all platforms.


May 30, 2016

Another Year

Wow...23 was an eventful year. It was a year full of accomplishments and blessings. I am beyond grateful and so blessed. Let's look back at what I did this past year, shall we? Well, first off, I graduated nursing school in December! That was a major milestone in my life and I couldn't have done it without the love and support from my family and my super supportive boyfriend, Jonathan. He drove me to clinical every morning at 5am and picked me up at 730pm, made me breakfast, lunch and even brought me dinner. On top of all that, he still managed to occasionally surprise me with little things like a bouquet of flowers or my favorite snack, hot cheetos or hot fries. God blessed me with the best and I couldn't be more thankful. What else happened this year? Well, I got the chance to actually enjoy my winter break without having to worry about studying for the next semester because I graduated! Then I studied my ass off from the end of December all the way through March. I took my NCLEX, which is the huge exam that nurses have to take in order to become a Registered Nurse. I took my NCLEX on March 2nd and got my results on March 4th. Let me tell you about those two days...they were long and they were miserable! I was extremely depressed and stayed in bed both days. I literally thought I failed. Right after I took the test, I even went to Disneyland and that didn't even help cheer me up. Anyway, on March 4th, 2016, my name showed up on the California Board of Registered Nursing and I became a mothafuckin' Registered Nurse on March 4th at 1:46AM! I was so happy, I fucking cried and called my mom, my brother, my step dad, my dad. Shit, I called anybody and everybody! That was the happiest day of my life and I didn't sleep I was so excited! The very next day I applied for an internship to work at the hospital my mom worked at, except I applied for ICU. I got accepted and started on March 28th. March was a very busy and important month for me as life got real and started to go so fast. I was a new grad RN working in the ICU and shit was overwhelming for me. I cried so much the first 2-4 weeks, but it was all worth it in the end because just recently I got offered a full-time position in the ICU where I did my internship. I am so blessed and I feel so accomplished. I worked my ass off this year and now I am a new grad, working as a full-time staff RN in the ICU...the fucking ICU! I always told myself in nursing school that when I become a nurse, I want to work somewhere that would challenge me; either emergency nursing or critical care nursing. And what did I do? I finessed my way and landed my first job as an RN in the ICU. This is an unbelievable feeling and I just feel so blessed and thankful. This is the start of my fucking life!!!! I did it! I became a fucking RN at 23 and started my nursing career at the young age of 23. I'm not stopping here. I am currently enrolled in a BSN program. So I will be getting my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing soon. I am on top of the world right now and nothing can stop me!

(Romwe Dress, Simmi Shoes, ZeroUV Sunnies, Louis Vuitton Neverfull)

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February 26, 2016

Casual LA Go-To Style

Introducing my new Burberry Watch. A huge upgrade from my gold Michael Kors watch.

Just want to shout out Simmi Shoes for always taking care of me and sending me their latest styles. I love y'all! But I seriously need a bigger closet because I'm running out of space for all these shoes!

(Tobi Loveletter Surplice Blouse, Zara Jeans, Simmi Shoes, Forever 21 Hat, ZeroUV Sunnies, La Moda clutch)
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